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For both men and women. Zumba is a method that allows you, while having fun, and without even noticing it, to naturally sculpt your silhouette in a good mood, on exotic and sunny rhythms. Zumba classes are a series of simple and accessible movements. It is a moment of celebration where we smile a lot. You find a figure, with a firm, muscular and toned body and you leave the course relaxed, happy and relaxed. You can obviously get started without ever having practiced the dance. Beginners understand the steps and rhythms very quickly, in 2 or 3 weeks. Intermediaries work on their style and give more quality to their gestures. They try to put more range in their movements. Some even do 2 consecutive lessons !!! To try absolutely!

Find us in Chartres and its surroundings


- Stimulates memory

- Improves your general physical condition

- Fights stress

- Energizes and tones the body and mind

- Prevents osteoporosis

- Accelerates the basal metabolism

- Improves balance and coordination

- Slows down the aging process

- Increases self-esteem

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