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To know our events

For any charitable event or not. For interventions in schools, hospitals, workplace.

For all your parties: birthday, wedding and much more ...

do not hesitate to contact us

- Zumba party and master-class

Setting up of many Zumba Parties for the benefit of charitable associations. Our secretary gave an association from Brittany the benefit of his friend Knzo Mendy, official dancer of Beto Perez (creator of Zumba), and excellent dancer of Latin dances. We put on a big show at the Saint Brieuc convention center in 2013. In April 2014 we again welcomed Knzo Mendy in a small Breton village, in order to energize the region and held a Fitness fair. In May 2015 we brought together great teachers from the western sector of Paris on Morancez (28) in order to help the "Blouses Roses"

- training

We have organized Zumba (r) trainings to train new instructors. We had the honor to receive Miss Clothilde Martin for initial training and development.

And more ...

This year, we will be organizing trips and workshops for Zumba Step, Zumba Sentao, .... and many other events which are yet to be determined.

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Zumba smile 28 Lucé

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